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Top 10 strongest marvel hero

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1 Hulk

Class 100+ to 200+

Above class 200 when very very mad like during WW Hulk.

hulk is the strongest marvel Hero. Under the maestro form he was able to defeat all super Hero. He could stand bullet, bomb, and even nuclear threat.Rampage Hulk state of mind is a fan favorite

weakness: when he is the strongest, he is also crazy,dumb and destroy everything in front of him , ally or enemy.Under his human form he is weak And vulnerable but very smart

2 Thor

Class 100 to class 200 with belt and Odin power

Thor with the Odin Power, Thor lord of Asgard is above a normal and calm Hulk in term of strength and power. however Hulk is always mad, furious and crazy:)he could also double his Strenght and power with a special belt, used against Thanos. Also very very strong with the power gem, when he was crazy.

Thor is the strongest God on Asgard. mjolnir his hammer give him power over thunder, able him to fly, teleport, or destroy everything is his path. The Odin power give him almost unlimited power.power to stand his own against the like of Galactus, Zeus, thanos,

3 Gladiator

Class 100 to class 200

Unlimited Strenght when he is very confident. Could beat or stand toe to toe with Hulk, Thor, Juggernaut, or 1 against ff4, avengers or Xmen full team. Could blow or move planet.injured Hyperion. Super powers very vast from super strong, speed,unlimited stamina,eyes beam, telekinesis, telepathy, force field ...immune against bullet, injury,telepathy...

weakness : When he doubt his power diminish.

4 Juggernaut

Class 100 to class 150+

Nothing could stop juggernaut. He is hulk and THor heavy weight hitter class. Not only he is very strong, he also had very great stamina, nothing could injured him, he also have force field, also immune against telepathy, magic...when wearing his helmet. Even stronger and able to knock out Hulk or Thor.

weakness: when he was not wearing his helmet professor x was able to turn his light out by telepathy.

5 Sentry

class 100 to 140 +

sentry is modern copy of Dc Super Man like Gladiator, Hyperion...

most powerful hero hero on earth. He has Strenght to stand his own against Hulk,thor....have many power . Even made the molecule man look like second class villain.

weakness : he also could become crazy or paranoid and had a dark side the Void inside him or his mind.

6 Hyperion

Class 90 to 140+

the bad villain Hyperion from exiles is even above class 200 like he kill the Thor, Hulk.... From his universe. he took 2 hyperions to beat him. Hyperion has super Strenght on similar to Thor, Gladiator level. He could fly, has super vision, speed,stamina. Could stand nuclear bomb.....

weakness: over confident, isotope (his cryptonite)

7 Iron Man

class 1 to 130+

Tony Stark has no super power.. But his super armors hulk buster,Thor buster give him the Strenght equal or rival of Hulk, Thor.... He is very smart and could use new technology to outmatch his ennemy

weakness : used to like too much alcohol, still like too much pretty girl. He is also vulnerable and weak without his armors

8 Hercules

Class 100 to 130+

Hercules is the strongest of Greek god. he also beat Thor in the past. saved earth when he evolve into a super God during the evolution war and Chaos war.

weakness: unlike Gladiator Hercules rely only on pure strength and could not fly, and do not have a magical hammer... He even have a Qi below average Hero level... Hit first and think after .

like to have fun.

9 wonder Man

Class 90 to 120+

silver age Wonder Man was able to beat Thor, GiantMan, Iron Man all togheter. Powered by ion he is one of the strongest Hero

weakness : one of the strongest but do not have hulk craziness, Thor heart... He would prefer a good and peacefull life to a good fight

10 Colossus

Class 80 to 120

colossus is the strongest Xmen

ultimate Collossus beat ultimate Thor. Colossus was the 2nd Juggernaut during fear itself. He overpowered the red Hulk when he turned to the bad side.

weakness: Mr nice guy, too soft. Do not use his strenght at his full potential


What are your top 10 strongest marvel hero and why ?




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