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Top most powerful Marvel Universe

 1 The One above All Omnipotent 
2 Living Tribunal, Brothers from marvel vs DC Near omnipotent
3 THanos, Adam Warlock both with infinity gauntlet, Thanos the End, Akhenaten Near omnipotent level 2
4 Eternity, Death, Infinity, Oblivion, elder Gods Near omnipotent level 3
5 Celestials, Galactus, fully powered Franklyn Richard omega level,Scrier, the Stranger,the Other, In-Betweener, Cosmic top level 
6 BEyonder, Kosmos, Kubik, Molecule Man, dr Doom secret wars, Protege,  Cosmic cube, reality shaper
7 Thanos, Tyrant, Chaos King, Grand Master, Phoenix, Ego, Mephisto, Onslaught, Scarlet Witch house of M, Star Brand, High Evolutionary, Sphinx full nova force, Korvac Cosmic Top level 2
8 Odin, Zeus, Osiris, Atum, Desak, Seth, Destroyer, Gorr, Kree Supreme intelligence, Vilain Hyperion and Silver Silfer from Exile, Thor lord of Asgard with Odin force, Ultron,Maestro, Surtur Sky father level
9 Silver Surfer, Thor, Gladiator, Quasar, Xman Nate Grey, Vulcan, Nova full force, Adam Warlock, Captain Marvel genius well, Apocalypse, Hyperion, Sentry, Cosmic level 3
10 Dr Strange, Hulk, Loki, Nefaria, Magneto, Earth