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Dc comics, first appearance action Comics #1 April 18, 1938

created by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster

Alias: Clark Kent, Superman, Super Boy, the Man of Steel

Main powers : Super Strong, indestructible body, super speed, x-ray eyes beam, could see or hear from far far away.

main weakness : kryptonite

strenght level: 10/10 strongest dc/marvel Hero ever

speed:10/10   only 2nd to Flash speed light

invulnerability: 10/10 

stamina: 10/10

IQ : 9/10

main villains: Lex Luthor, Darseid, Mongul, bizarro, Doomsday, Ultraman, Super Boy Prime, Magog, general Zod

main allies: Wonder Woman, Batman, justice League, Legion

main gf, date, wife: Wonder Woman, Lana Lang, Lois Lane

Must know: Superman is the strongest of Dc super Hero, 2d fastest behind Flash. Born in Krypton, was send to earth by his parents when Krypton wasdestroyed.Lana Lang was his sweet heart when he was teenager and Super boy. He works at the Daily Planet like Clark Kent, date Lois Lane like Clark and Superman, eventually married her... superman during dc vs marvel beat Hulk, Thor...

similar clone : Prime, Hyperion, Gladiator, Sentry, Supreme, Shazam, superboy Prime

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