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Comics, Funko pop, Figures, Wall scroll, Manga JAN 18 2018

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Happy New Year 2018, we wish you the Best for 2018 for you and your Family.

We want to thanks for your support for 2017.  You guys are fantastic

for 2018 we are opening a 3rd store inside Moreno Valley Mall.

We will update you on Grand opening (should be open within 2 weeks, We still working very hard inside ... every nights ...)

because you deserve it in 2018 we will try to improve:

1- Customer service .  You will always be VIP inside our 3 stores, and we will try to improve to serve you better.

2- Inventory , We will try to stock more Comics, funko pop,

3- Pull List, Pre- Order : soon you will be able to do a Comics Pull List, never miss again important comics release. You want to pre-order some collectibles or items who are not out yet, we will do it for you

4- Price: like we will have 3 stores, we will try to bring more inventory to have more aggressive price. more volume, better price, You will be the BIG WINNER in 2018.

5-You will be able to order online from our mother company Etech / ITLUXE Services. on top of comics and anime items, More IT items, Tablets. Multimedia, Storage, VGA, CPU .... You will be able to order online and pick up from one of our 3 stores. Just let us Know in Advance if you want your order ship it to you or pick up in stores.

6- Expand our Tshirt, Key Chains, Gundam, Anime, Wall scroll Line ...Bring More inventory on these items too.

More choice for you and Better Price for 2018

however some big Sales still ongoing NOW


EXCLUSIVE POP 20% OFF + if more than 3 Exclusive Pop GET 30% OFF

20% OFF ALL THe toys,

big SALES on vintage comics 50% on comics at $10 or below.

a choice of over 30000 comics combined inside our 2 stores

over 1000 Graphic novel at 50% off

A choice of over 2000 funko pop combined, including lot of new exclusive or rare one too inside our 2 stores.

New Tshirt  starting at $10

first come first serve.


















 20% off on everything Bat Man and Harley Quinn




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